PINPOINT® Water Hardness Monitor

$ 125.00

To create the highest quality alkaline water with the lowest possible negative ORP readings, the most important meter is the PINPOINT® Water Hardness Monitor. This meter will give an immediate and precise measurement of the dissolved minerals (hardness) of the water. Very soft water will typically measure under 150 µS. Water in the range of 500 – 1,000 µS has more dissolved minerals and will make excellent quality alkaline water. Even the most expensive ionizer will not produce high quality alkaline water if the mineral hardness is not sufficient. Most of the mineral hardness comes from calcium and magnesium. Many ionizers recognize the need for these minerals and include a calcium insert to aid in the pre-treatment of the water before it passes through the ionizing plates. The hardness level of any water source will change from month to month, season to season. Get the full results with the PINPOINT® Water Hardness Monitor.

  • Comes complete with meter, probe and calibration fluid.
  • Meter and probe should last a lifetime
  • Regular 9 volt battery operation for complete portability
  • Comes complete with PINPOINT® Calibration Fluids
  • Large LCD display is very easy to read from several feet away
  • A carrying case is available to transport, store and protect your instrument and accessories. See Accessories page.
  • 2 year warranty

Download Instructions for Use

Own the best; get the PINPOINT® Water Hardness Monitor today.

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