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For many years the PINPOINT® ORP Monitor has been the most reliable system to properly measure the oxidation potential of alkaline water. The meter is a full range device that has a built-in range of +2,000 mV down to –2,000 mV. ORP is short for Oxidation Reduction Potential and REDOX is short for Reduction Oxidation Potential. Both of these terms mean the same thing.

  • Meter and probe are properly matched for full range operation +2,000 to –2,000 mV
  • 99.9% pure platinum tip is the highest quality
  • Regular 9 volt battery operation for complete portability
  • See Accessories page to add probe storage fluid, extra calibration fluid and a platinum polishing strip
  • A carrying case is available to transport, store and protect your instrument and accessories. See Accessories page.
  • When properly maintained this meter will give years of useful service
  • Large LCD display is very easy to read from several feet away

Download Instructions for Use

Own the best; get the PINPOINT® ORP Monitor today.

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