PINPOINT® pH Monitor

$ 99.00

For many years the PINPOINT® pH Monitor has been the most reliable system to properly measure pH of any fluid. The PINPOINT® meter and probe have the full pH range of 1 through 14.

The PINPOINT® pH Monitor comes complete with all calibration fluids and will instantly display the pH to an accuracy of +/- 0.01

Don’t look at a color test kit and guess at the pH; look at the digital display and know exactly the difference in your pH samples. This meter will also give you the ability to determine the pH capabilities of your ionizer.

  • Resolution and accuracy of .01 pH
  • Highest quality blue epoxy pH Probe
  • Regular 9 volt battery operation for complete portability
  • See Accessories page to purchase additional probe storage fluid and calibration fluid
  • A carrying case is available to transport, store and protect your instrument and accessories. See Accessories page.
Large LCD display is very easy to read from several feet away.

Download Instructions for Use

Own the best; get the PINPOINT® pH Monitor today.

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